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Capoeira Acrobatics- The Raiz

Posted on 28 April 2008 by chan


The Raiz in Capoeira is one of those movements that constantly needs work. The Raiz constantly changes and can look different depending on the angle of projection and the height of your first leg swinging.


In the first part I demonstrate a simple breakdown of the movement. I imagine I am in a hallway, this helps me try and go in a straight line.
I half twist as if I am going to do an armada. Then, I push off the back foot as if I am going to do a lunge.
I push my hips forward and try to make sure that I keep my second leg (my left) behind my body. Otherwise the movement turns into a parafuso/armada com martelo type movement.

The second movement, I demonstrate trying to push the hips up as high as possible, using my arms and the swing of my first leg. This helps me understand how to produce height in the movement and helps me try and push the hips up and not across too much.

The third movement is the basic raiz. I use my arms to draw a line of projection.
I usually follow my arms path with my legs.
I still try and focus on the principles above, but try and get my body to go down as my legs go up.

The third movement is the most common kind of raiz, with a step into the movement.
The step provides a small kind of run up.

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  1. Pipoca Says:

    very excellent!

  2. Predio Says:

    So cool. Will definitely be trying.

  3. Chris Paul Says:

    Hey nice breakdown of the move! Now I am on step 2 of the move. By the ways, what is the name of the song? I really like! Thanks

  4. Zacharia Says:

    do u need to spot the ground for the whole time, or just when you land?

  5. kash thakur Says:

    hey, thats so awesome, been watching all the vids and stuff but still cant seem to get the moves right, any help or advice on how to try to get past the fear of messing up and learning the move would do nicely please but still love the vids and demonstrations. and could you please give me the name to that song. thanks.

  6. Craig Says:

    Awesome video!! Haven’t had a chance to train just moved to Denver so I don’t know anyone to play with up here yet but we’ll definitely be trying it ASAP!! Also, what’s the name of the song that’s playing?

  7. graduado figo Says:

    yummy! I’ll give it a go and hopefully I won’t break anything 🙂

  8. Clayton Chan Says:

    One of the few raiz tutorials that goes that direction…I LIKE IT! I almost have raiz thanks to this tutorial…umm Chan….is it possible you can give me/us another note?…the name of the song please =D please o please o please!

  9. chan Says:

    Song is from the album: capoeira brasil: camara. You should be able to find it to download, the whole album is great. axe

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