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Posted on 21 April 2008 by chan

Here is a small combination with a progression for people to have a look at.

Just a few things to pay attention to in the first combination:

1. When I am swinging the left leg around I make sure I rotate it all the way until my bum is facing the partner. (this enables me to not end up facing a different direction).

“bum facing partner”

2. When I go into the queda de rins position, my body and my legs are in an L-shape, this enables me to sweep the legs over a longer range of motion. Otherwise, if I was to begin with my body and my legs straight, All the rotation would have to come from spinning on the palm (which is a lot harder and a different movement).



3. When my legs are straight with my body, I bend the left leg in and push up off of the left hand. The closer that left foot lands near my hand the easier it is to push out. If I try to rotate my legs past the straight body/leg position, and curve my legs around, I will probably hyperflex my wrist which will be bad and hurt my wrist a lot.
Splitting the legs in the air adds to the illusion and the effect of the movement, the more I can split and have straight legs the better it looks.

push out

“push out position”

4. I do not actually rotate the wrist until I have landed my feet. When I push up and out of the position I rotate my wrist to help take pressure off of it, but whilst in the movement it is not really necessary.

hand close to knee

“hand close to knee, wrist rotated”


1. Once I have completed the first queda de rins I push off my right hand and bring it in towards my body. This helps me to roll onto the other side (my right queda).

push off

“Push off the right hand position”

position to land in

“right hand landed in the right position”

2. Once I am in the right queda position I pay special attention to my right leg. I make sure that it reaches in front of me and around as much as possible. This is really important, and the key for me to be able to push up into my ponte (backbend) whilst still being able to watch and face my partner.

look at where the right leg goes to...

“look how far around I have put my right leg…”

3. Once I am in the ponte, I bring that left hand in towards my body (repositioning the hand) and lower myself onto that queda. From their I can do 2 things. I can choose to lift the left leg and push and jump around with the right, or I can push around off of both legs at the same time. Either way I need to bring that left leg into a crouching position, and land that left foot near my left hand.

If anyone has any questions/queries and or comments please don’t hesitate to ask!


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  1. Pipoca Says:

    Favorited, bookmarked, etc. I will be practicing this one tomorrow for sure! Thanks!

  2. bicho branco Says:

    Hey Chan-man, how’s things? I just saw your site and wondered how things were?? Still got the moves I see! Drop me an email if you get the chance…

    bicho branco

  3. Jon Says:

    I already do like an hour of capoeira for my morning workout . I’m thinking of adding another 15 to 30 minutes , not just for fitness sake I am a breakdancer & I want to get better .

    P.s I’m in the L.A area & I would like to find spawring partners since as of yet I don’t have the money to join a dojo

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