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Capoeira Combination 1

Posted on 29 January 2010 by chan


This combination of reasonable difficulty and would require some level of prior capoeira movement ability to achieve, as you will see below:


TIP 1.
When you are doing the Armada into Queda de Rins, to make it look more beautiful do not touch the ground with the kicking foot. Sweep it all the way through.



When first learning this movement, put your arms on the ground first and then hop and switch the legs as you sink into the queda de rins.


When you go into the switch queda de rins, think of the legs keeping open both laterally and vertically. This will create a windmill effect and make the movement look more aesthetically pleasing.


When you have built yourself up more, you will be able to do a bigger hop, jumping into the queda de rins from the armada.

TIP 2.
From the switch queda de rins position, you will require some arm strength to keep this next part smooth.
Push up with the arms and land the leg that was on top in the queda de rins, first.



Twist the body as you land the second leg landing in almost a ginga type lunge position. Dont rush this part and break it down so that you feel balanced. you can always speed it up later.

TIP 3.
This Au (cartwheel) is quite difficult and will take some getting used to. You are basically taking off from the foot that you would not normally take off from when doing a normal Au. So you swing the back leg first and hop off the front leg.


You land on the leg you hop off.


With the other leg you swing it through so that you can get your body in position ready to do your ponte (back arch).



If you would like you can also do an Au Esquisito instead to add to the aesthetics of the movement (an Au esquisito is like doing a backbend or arching the back and legs in the middle of the Au).

TIP 4.
Almost there! When threading through that second leg really reach with it. This will help you not travel as much in the sequence. instead of doing a full backbend, try and use the first arm for a support and the second arm goes straight into the queda position. You can choose to hop off the furthest leg from your queda arm or just hop off both legs and balance yourself whilst rotating.


Another useful tip is the arm you do not have as much weight on, use it to push yourself around. Land the leg that is closest to the queda hand first and sweep the other leg.

Try and make sure you do not get disorientated within the combination. It is very easy to lose the structure and end up facing all different kinds of ways. So break each step down and be patient. If your wrists/back/body starts to ache, stop doing the movements and do some cool downs. you can always conquer it tomorrow!

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  1. Roda Magazine Says:

    This is fantastic! Thank you for putting this together! We’re posting an article about your tutorial tomorrow morning on

  2. Terra Says:

    this is SUCH an inspiring sequence. i watched it over and over and over again.

    question is…. what happened to the beautiful song that was with it previously? what is that song? it was the perfect combination to the combination.

    so inspiring!

  3. Tess Says:

    Truly beautiful Chan, the Au has a really nice twist illusion. I’ll do my best to work on this while i’m away! 😉

  4. Tabaeru Says:

    Gah, its that au, something about it is stumping me >___<

  5. Bonnie Says:

    Thank you, Chan! This is such an inspiring and beautiful sequence. Thanks for breaking it down for us. This really motivates me to step up my capoeira practice. If you ever come visit CA, USA please let me know. Would LOVE to train with you!

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