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Preparing for the Batizado 2004

Posted on 31 December 2007 by chan

A Dream…

about four or five years ago… I flew across these beautiful mountains, lush with vegatation and amazing rock formations, I flew this way and that, riding on the winds gentle wings, breathing the freshness of the air.  I slid above the river through well formed rock pools.  I followed its infinite sound in the contrasting shadows of small cliff face formations surrounding.  I saw myself bathing in the rock pools letting the water trickle off my feet finding solace in the sensation.  I flew through the air, following the river and its sound.  But as soon as I turned the corner there was a river no more.  Nothing but space.  A huge waterfall slid off the cliffs edge, the fall of the water so tall that the water would not even reach the bottom, rather it would dissapate into thin air! A massive valley with distant trees around a huge open space with nothing but air, rainbows and butterflies.  I fly over the edge and float down gently, like the air was a deep blue sea and I was sinking slowly.  I let the wind take me, throwing me higher and higher, past the world, past the stars, until I reach nothingness.  Silence.  Peace.  And I fall.  Slowly at first then faster and faster towards the earth, past the clouds towards the ground.  I wake up.  I am in my bed, it was just a dream.  But it seemed so real.  I get ready for school, kiss mum and dad goodbye and leave my house feeling refreshed from such a beautiful dream.waterfall at campao

30th of March 04

Tish! tish! tish! rhythmically goes my caxixi as I run up a neverending ascent towards the hiking trail soon to be conquered.  Sweat beading off my forehead as the sun was beating down upon my body with no remorse.  Pin, seeping into my calves as the hill gets steeper and steeper, longer and longer.  My vision impaired by the sweat dripping off my face.  My mind rock set on training.  Tish! tish! tish! breathing gets too hard as i walk for a bit.  My mind pushing to keep running my body not responding.  I force myself up the hill seeing the many different visions of what was to happen in my batizado.  i found my mind exploring so many different situations, so many circumstances, where I could see myself kicking and being kicked.  Falling and taking down.  The thoughts driving my legs harder my arms a little faster.  I reach the top of the hill and stretch my legs out.  The sun was getting hot making my skin feel slowly but surely more and more burnt.  It was time to face the trek.  The first stretch of the hill was quite steep and enduring.  The path gave me some shocking dee ja vu as it was so similar to the grampians.  The colour of the rocks even similar structure in the trail.  Because of the steep ascent beautiful vistas were exploding all around me, the surrounding mountains lush with greenary gave me an inner peace a feeling of a stronger connection between me and the world.  My legs were feeling like lead, as if I was trying to run fast in waist deep water.  With each step came strain, and with the strain came memories, miscellaneous moments in my capoeira journey to date.  As the mountain began to plateau the physical enduring part of my journey had come to an end.  i seemed to walk for miles my mind wandering in and out of capoeira situations various highlights of my life, love, hard times, lonely times, enduring times. 

Preparing the mind, Preparing the soul

I kept focusing on the batizado.  I could see myself playing capoeirista after capoeirista, my mind exploring every takedown, every kick, every hit possible, the repercussions and the state of mind I could fall into and should be in.  I saw the biggest of capoeiristas to the fastest each one with a monsterous determination to take me off my rails.  I heard bambas words of advice float through my head, which had such a power that just a few words could completely change my game and situation but most important my perception.  The scenery around me complimented my thoughts cooling my pressures, rebuilding my inner energy, cleansing my soul.  through small muddy mashes to lush open plains I kept walking following my feet, following my destiny the sun was beating down upon my shoulders which made me even more lerthargic.  When was this track going to end? I kept pushing forward as i delved into some of my deeper fears. What if I failed? what if I could not last the distance what if I was hit so badly I could not go on? All of these doubts started filling my head, one triggering off another and then another.  And then some butterflies flew in front of me.  One with a rich yellow in the centre fading into a pure white around its sides the other with such a beautiful deep rich red I held my breath as they flew by.  I then knew that no matter what happened that whatever I acheive it will be what stage I am ready for, what I am desered for and I will be satisfied because I would have acheived the level of capoeira that I had prepared myself for.  If I was to only get a blue cord it would be because that level is what I am truly ready for and I should be satisfied with that.  if I get hit hard or knocked out or whatever happens there will always evolve growth from it, an unforgettable experience, something to tell the grand kids. chan at the waterfall

Capoeira is in nature

And with the next corner and slight descent I could hear the sound of rushing water.  I hurried along excited and impatient.  I saw ian standing high atop a hill looking over an enormous valley, I filmed him for a bit and then went down to the river to get a closer look.  The water was a deep red brown glistening colour running its beauty slowly over the texturous rocks surrounding.  The small stream was engulfed by small jolting cliff faces only a couple of stories high which were in turn surrounded by trees, bushes and lush greenary atop of hilly terrain.  I climbed down to the river and walked along the edges to see what was around the corner.  The water was cool and so refreshing evertime I ran my hand through it, I felt cleansed as if it was holy water.  As I turned the corner all I could see was space, beautiful air.  A huge open valley that opened like the heavens, with the water running off its edge into infinity.  The beautiful butterflies tumultously flying through past me, past the river, engulfed by space.  They were taken by the sweet wind blown higher and higher until they disappeared into the air.  The rich river ran off the edge encatured by small cliffs jolting out the sides providing cool shade for our burnt shoulders.  The wind made specks of water fly up from the waterfall it was the most surreal sensation to feel it rain upwards.  Water felt like fairydust sliding off my skin.  The sound of crashing water overlooking an incredible valley combined with the sense of a real achievement reaching this almost sacred place.  It was so beautiful.  I slid towards the edge popping my head, over to watch the water fall beyond eyesight.  The drop so far it made me feel dizzy.  I stripped down to my bathers and showered below a smaller waterfall near by.  The water was so refreshing its beautiful qualities seeping in deeper than my skin, sinking its way into my soul.  The heavy water relaxed my shoulders and washed away all my thoughts.  It was as if it was cleansing away al of the tensions all of the tribulations we had been through in salvador.  I climbed up the cliff face a little and found a small opening to climb through to go around and sit over the valley.  As soon as I went around the corner, literally still metres from the waterfall the crashing sound from the waterfall decreased hugely and the energy of the place completely charged.  the waterfall had a hugely chared cleansing energy, whereas the place I was now in, literally metres away felt so serene, so peaceful, so beautiful.  I felt my mind wander into infinity.  I watched the clear water slide off the edge of the cliff drop by drop.  Slowly, rhythmically each drop eventually finding its home on the mossy surface below I watched the beautiful butterflies for what seemed like hours, these tiny insects adding so much life to this vast valley.  I stared into the blue sky reaching further than I could ever imagine.  I sat in this peaceful place as if I was a part of it, a part of the cliff, the moss, the drops of water as if I was one of the butterflies, as if I was one of the butterflies, as if I was the valley itself.  I closed my eyes and felt the gentle wind blow upon me and felt with my soul the place I had just discovered. It was getting late, so I journeyed on home.  Walking back a new.  My mind was clear and my thoughts, were crisp, I could feel a new energy had entered me and in the journey home it sunk in.  I arrived home at dark and hit the bed.  I could hardly wait for what the next day would bring.

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