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How to be a better student

Posted on 17 January 2008 by chan


When I was training the Jeet Kune Do Concepts with Guro Dan Inosanto, in Los Angeles. (Who was the prodigy student of the late Bruce Lee). I remember a story that brought me to help have a deeper appreciation for all teachers and teachings.

He would say that sometimes some people when they are walking down the street they may look down on the footpath and see some smashed glass on the pavement and walk on by. What they didn’t realise, or they will never really know, is that the glass was actually diamonds. Then sometimes, someone may see something glitter in the corner of their eye, and they pick it up and their face lights up as they think they have found a precious diamond, but what they don’t realise is they are just holding a piece of glass.

It’s like once (guro said), after a class I asked my students so you want to learn the secret to martial arts? well, here it is. And I started drawing all of these different diagrams and various things on the whiteboard. I said if you can understand this, then you will know the secret to martial arts.
So all of the students ran out and grabbed their note pads and scribbled down everything that I had drawn on the board and were holding their notepads as if they were looking at a pot of gold. But what they didn’t realise is that all they were holding was just a piece of glass.

Guro would also bring this up nearly every year I went to his seminars:

Never be too afraid to learn

Never be too lazy to learn

Never be too ignorant to learn

And I can see this within everything that Guro embraces.

So, I guess the real question is, how many times have you walked passed diamonds?

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