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Posted on 18 January 2008 by chan


I once asked my Martial arts instructor, Sifu Nino Pilla, how can I overcome fear?

As his quietly calm words flowed from his experience and wisdom, little did either of us know how much I would use this advice in all aspects of my life’s challenges.

Imagine that you have grown a garden. It is a beautiful garden that has taken much time and care to grow and create. The colours of the flowers are vibrant and flourishing, the grass is green and the garden is lush. Then one day a weed begins to grow. Even though it is a little weed, it must be given the necessary attention and be taken out.

It is only when you do not maintain your garden that the weeds begin to take over. No matter what you do to your garden, you will never be able to rid the weeds once and forever. But if you work on that garden everyday, it will come to the point where it feels seemingly effortless to maintain.

It is when you give the weeds too much power, by making them sound bigger than they really are, or giving them water, fueling them, that is when you will begin to really have problems.

So, do not give your fears power, do not fuel them. All of your bad habits are just weeds, weeds that just need a little maintenance.

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  1. thurraiya Says:

    Wow that was really nice! I have the same problem as i’ve recently started capoeira and it’s not like taekwondo. I wasn’t scared in TKD maybe because I didn’t need to do a lot of acrobatics as such…but starting out in capoeira…my first fear was the au…I overcame my right side but I still cant do an au with my left side (weaker side) Ho weird!!? hmm…but I’m still trying of course lol.
    Then there’s the handstands…I get thoughts like ‘oh no, what’s if you land on your neck and you break it’ stuff like that…*sigh* nonetheless I’m still trying.
    It’s funny because when I tell myself ‘don’t think about it, just do it…It usually turns out well lol

    Ok I think i’ve yapped on enough lol, all the best with your capoeira! Take care!

  2. Janet Says:

    Wow! That’s really interesting! I have the same problem as i’ve recently started capoeira and it’s not like taekwondo. Thanks for the info.

  3. Tom Pelom @ Lemon Trees Says:

    Great site! This is the sort of thing I have been looking for. Some valuablegardening tips here. Thanks! Your site is great by the way. You should add buttons to the bottom of your posts to digg, stumble, etc your content.- Tom

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