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Capoeira in a church in Bahia

Posted on 07 January 2008 by chan

roda outside the church


It was the night of the event. Tension was running high. The night bloomed with stars and the sky was filled with fluttering colourful flags and twinkling lights. It seemed like another day in the pelourinho, but it was not. Tonight began the week of events that were to come. Workshops with Mestre Itapoan, King Kong, Curio, Dinho, Gildo Afinete and many more. Rodas in the mercado modelo, in the pelourinho, within the forte da capoeira on the hill of Santo Antonio. And a batizado to finish with over 30 Mestres attending.

It seems oddly in place, the muscle bound capoeiristas sitting awkwardly amongst the aisles of this golden church. The holy white walls and golden decorations blended in with the white uniform the capoeiristas were wearing.
Traditionally dressed bahian women with their fat frumpy frocks, glistening ornately. The small chuckle or two and the cheeky capoeirista whispering, the mass begins.

The procession was like any other, but the priest did leave a great impression on me, just before we began to have a roda inside the church, (which was surreal I can tell you).

The preist began to tell everyone, to seemingly deaf ears for most, something that gave me a huge insight into my own journey.

Whether we are a priest, a labourer, an engineer, a child, or a farmer we all aspire for one thing. It is this one thing that binds us, that binds humanity and in turn it completes us and makes us whole. Whether we are an artist, a sportsman a capoeirista, it does not matter, we all are connected. This connection lies in being human. ‘Ser Humano’. To be human, is the essence of life. To strive to be human, to help and to understand humanity- that is everyones truth.
To live and breath a human life.
Too many people try and work away from this,
but to be human should be celebrated not shunned.

We are beautiful because of our humanity.

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  1. Sabao Says:

    Hey Chan, just thought I’d say what a great site this is. I just found it and haven’t been able to stop reading your blogs as your writings don’t just talk about capoeira, as many other sites only do, but also delve into philosophy and life itself.

    To be honest, I had very little interest in seeing Adelaide as a city but after reading your articles I hope to be visiting your group sometime in the near future.



  2. chan Says:

    thankyou sabao,
    I am glad to hear you are enjoying my site. thanks for the support.
    You are welcome anytime in adelaide.
    Axe e salve.

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