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Brazilian Capoeira vs. Foreigners

Posted on 18 January 2008 by chan

Capoeira estrangeira meu irmao, e mato, capoeira brasileiro meu compadre, e de matar…
Capoeira to foreigners my brother, is just grass, capoeira to the brazilians my friend, is to kill…

How many times have I heard this song and been completely against by this idea.

You know, my mestre always said to me, if you want to be better than the brazilians, it is possible, you should never think it isn’t, all you need to do is train three times harder.

The more I thought about this the more I saw that the world of capoeira is expanding at an enormous rate. The idea of the capoeiristas being better than others purely on the basis that they are brazilian is an old idea slowly coming to an end.

How good a capoeirista is depends on the person themself, not the race, background or social position.

I remember doing a thai boxing seminar with the legendary Ajarn Surachai “Chai” Sirisute, the head of the united states thai boxing association. He always pointed out in his seminars:

“if they can do you can do. We are all the same.”

Everyone has the potential to become something way beyond their means, all you need to do is make that change:

Reach for the stars and believe you can do anything.

adjarn chai and chan

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  1. Shayna Says:

    Just FYI, M. Suassuna, who wrote those lyrics, also wrote a great follow-up song about how capoeira is international nowadays and foreigners are playing great:

    Antigamente capoeira pra estrangeiro,
    Eu dizia que era mato de cortar,
    Hoje em dia tudo isso ta mudado,
    Estrangeiro joga Angola, Miudinho e Regional,

    Full lyrics can be found here: (scroll down to the posting with lots of lyrics).

    – Shayna

  2. chan Says:

    thankyou very much for the info. Its funny, because I have met this guy and taught him a few workshops when I was in belgium. He used to be a part of our group there but there were a few hiccups that happened with the teacher there. Its great to see mestre suassuna help the world of capoeira become a little more universal.

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