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Batizado and Troca de cordas 2004 pt 2

Posted on 31 December 2007 by chan

The Batizado contd

We all hesitate at first, not knowing exactly how to take it and then we all dive in, the beat of the berimbau buzzing at our feet.  We all begin to play as if we had fire at our feet, tearing around the roda, fighting our nerves trying to think trying to conserve energy whilst playing as best we could.  i dove in trying to rememver that this was our day, trying to remember how to shine.  I cut in two, three, four times, each time getting progressively harder, my legs starting to feel like led, my breath getting heavier and heavier.  i got chapa one, two, three times in a row.  A big no no in the world of capoeira.  I could see that the guy was out to prove his worth, not comfortable with his own image, I was not going to get dragged down the same hole.  I took the kicks (which were quite light anyway) and smilled at him accepting what had just happened and moved on.  I was not going to lose my head, lose my concentration.  I couldnt afford to. 

Listen to the Mestre within

I listened to bamba in my head and kept my focus on the game.  After cutting in again and playing three guys in a row Mestre bamba stopped the roda and called me over to play three capoeiristas as the final test in the troca de cordas.  He called rubens, dinho, and orelha for me to play.  I took a deep breath, this was it, this is what dreams were made of.  I thought about my past batizados and how I approached the decisive moments in each one respectively.  My legs were feeling heavy and I could already feel my body shutting down.  I entered into the roda with all the strength I had.  I had worked out that topazio liked to play at a distance in the initial stages of the game and will judge, your timing, the certain types of reactions you have to the movements they are doing before they move in for the kill.  Only if you are caught in a tight spot will they advance a second time in the same instance. Usually they would go in hit and draw back to wait for the reaction. Professor Rudson

Focus your Capoeira

Rudsons focus on the game was unmatched, his fakes into attacks that missed were almost like small trials on his behalf to see how I would retaliate.  But I didnt, I stood my ground and tried to play my game.  He started to try and get me to fall over through vingativas and then tried to enter with some jujitsu holds.  As I was backing away from a knee, I popped my head up and went back into ginga.  I instantly felt a huge wack against the side of my face.  I stumbled backwards trying to regain my posture.  He had given me a martelo with such beautiful timing and precision.  I had no idea on how it got through and what had just happened.  My right side of my face went numb and I could taste the blood in my mouth.  The first fear that came to mind was my nose was going to bleed.  if it did I wouldnt be able to live up to my potential.  Everyone crowded around me whilst bamba checked I was alright.  i nodded, shaken more than anything from the whole ordeal.  I went back in to the roda still shocked from the kick, not really knowing if I was okay or not.  But I knew I had to keep going.  I had to prove to myself I could achieve anything I put my mind to. 

Capoeira nao pode cair

We enter once again, we move around the roda like lighting, each giving nothing away.  I could feel him softening because of the kick he gave me.  I didnt want that to happen.  I had taken a hard hit, and I was prepared to take more, as many as it would take to find out who I really was and where I really stood in the capoeira world.  He went in for a fake meia lua de frente and even though our distance was too far, I ripped in with a turing chapa that hit, but was cushioned a bit by his foresight.  He acknowledged the kick and we kept ginga until I was called over to play with mestre orelha.  i was worn out and still dazed, wondering if i was concussed or if it was just the adrenalin, mestre bamba rushed me to the bathroom quickly and threw some water over me, washed off the blood and threw a bit of ice on my neck.  Dalva was shouting to stop me from playing, bamba was shouting back no, no, he is capoeira, he can pay, he can do it.  Mestre bambas confidence in me gave me confidence in myself.  I knew that I could go on, I was going to be alright.  No matter how tired I was, thirsty, In pain, the faith that bamba had in me is what drove me.  His faith triggered my perception to change, my thoughts and attitude to change, which gave me the strength to keep going.  I was doing this for myself, for all of the years of pain and training, for me to find my next level and stand proud amongst those who too have gone through blood and tears to reach the stars I have reached.  I went back in, this time I was fighting my endurance, my awareness, my body. Chan and Mestre DinhoIt was as if everything was starting to shut off and I had to within myself, frantically keep turning everything back on.  I kept playing my game a little more restricted, not pulling off so many kicks, not giving away anything, my mind fixed on my opponents every move.  And with that dinho shook my hand, babma yelled iee! and it was over.  I could hardly beleive I had done it, I had survived!  Bamba talked to everyone about how his treatment to brazilians and foregners are one and the same, because if it wasnt he would be teaching the foregners a false capoeira.  He also said that he would like to acknowledge how hard it really is for a foregner to come all the way to brasil and learn something completely different to ones own culture and reach a standard as I had in the world of capoeira.  Mestre Dinho and Rudson agreed and like a magician, bamba pulled out a bright red cordao from thin air and with a huge smile and tears in both our eyes he wrapped jmy cordao around my waist.  As we hugged I felt an overwhelming energy vibrate through my body and knew the world was never going to be the same again.Chan recieving his Cordao Vermelho

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