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Posted on 13 April 2008 by chan

Awareness is something that needs constant maintenance.

Sometimes I feel myself stopping in the middle of the day, ‘waking up’ and asking myself, what have I been doing today? and I find it really hard to remember.

I never seem to be able to catch up with the world. Regardless of how much I try to capture a moment, the world keeps spinning, and everything keeps changing.

But this fact does not scare me away from trying.

An old Capoeira friend once told me
“Dorme muito, pouco aprende, Capoeirista tem que dorme pouco”.

If you sleep a lot, you learn very little. A capoeirista should only sleep a little.

There always seems to be the constant re-evaluation of who I am, and who I am in the world. These questions constantly emulate for me within the roda.

Myself, the other person and the environment.

So many people ask me what they should be focusing on when they are in the roda.
So I ask them what should you be focusing on when you walk down the street?

There are a hundred and one things that you can be focusing on, there are many things you should be focusing on. But to really get the most out of everything, quite simply you need to focus on everything and nothing at all.
It’s like a friend tells me:
Where is the mind?

That said, here is a little test for your enjoyment:

I believe people are generally selective learners, like selective hearing, if they know what they are looking for, generally anything that is within that scope of knowledge they will try and learn. Everything else is secondary or not seen or heard at all. But if you are not focusing on any one thing, if you can relax the mind but still be in a state of readiness, if you can be willing to adapt and take in everything, then your mind is then on its way to training awareness.

This is my understanding of Malandragem. The pliability of thought, the lucidity of decision, a way of living.

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  1. Pipoca Says:

    LMAO.. that’s awesome! Great lesson in that.

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