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Posted on 10 March 2008 by chan


monday 9th/2/04

Today I survived one of the scarest classes of my life. Without a doubt, just one of the many to come. I really havent felt fear like that for a long time. Bamba started off with people ginga with each other and then got one person to fake a queixada, the other person goes into rasteira the ┬┤wrong side┬┤ and then the fake queixsada turns into a chapa giratorio. This was done for about ten minutes and then the class split into two groups. had one partner and you took in turns doing the fake/attack whilst playing a game of capoeira. As soon as you pulled it, the next two went in. The person not doing the fake/attack is trying to rasteira the other whilst the fake/attack person is doing low golpes to try and entice the other person in. Then we joint together and made one roda where you had to use a fake and then another golpe, (any one you chose). This was so scary, You had five to ten seconds for you to wait for someone to try and trick you or you try and trick the other person. If you didnt succeed you missed the gap. I got meia lua de compasso in the temple, which hurt like hell, but I kept on playing.


Each time I went in, I was trying to conquer my fear and keep my focus. I was in a zone, that if i let my guard down for one second, I would have collapsed in a pitiful heap. With everyone from the most beginner to advanced student their, I didnt hold back and gave them all I had. I almost scared myself, but I could always feel that fear that I had now pushed down into my stomach. I kept pushing forward, and many times I felt a raw rumble of energy and ruthlessness that I havent felt before. Finally the class finished and the creases in my forehead eased. I thanked god I survived, and was in a bit of an airy state for a while afterwards.

Bamba had a talk to everyone after the class, and told us that everyone has a potential lying deep inside of them, everyone has a mission and a place that they must seek, and thing they must find, a mission they must succeed, however, if you have fear, you will never reach any of these things, you will always fall short. If you fear injury, if you fear expectations, if you fear failure, you will never succeed in what you have the potential to accomplish.

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  1. Tess Says:

    Ah Chan! You never cease to enlighten! This is something i relate to every time i play in the roda. Thank-you for passing on the great advice xx

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