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Capoeira Acrobatics- Queda de Rins Combination

Posted on 30 April 2008 by chan

Queda De Rins Combination

The Queda de Rins in capoeira is so versatile and can open up a whole new range of motion and movement in your game.
It is important to try and practice quedas as I have found that it has given me a new outlook on creating and expressing within capoeira.

This is a combination that uses elements of the last queda combination that I have posted, however the beginning and the end of the combination has varied.

1. The first movement is like a handspin from a Au. I often practice these by breaking it down very simply by placing my hands down, and then switching my legs as I push of my hands and rotate my body inwards. Then I begin to try to lift my legs within the movement.

2. The second movement is a difficult one, and looks easy but I have found it a hard one to teach. The timing of when to switch the legs is a crucial point. The other thing is when I push off my feet I do not go over my wrists. If I go over it will turn into another movement all together and will not look the same at all. So I try to project my legs around. I switch the legs early and go into the queda position early. When I am in the queda with my legs wide open I am in a kind of L-shape position with my body and my legs. Then my legs swivel around and my body and legs reach a straight line.

3. At this point that is when I push off the other hand and swap the queda side. Remember, the positioning of the leg behind (in the case in the video the left leg) is crucial to ensuring that I am facing my partner when doing this exercise.

4. The last part is bringing that arm in to queda into, and then sweeping around into an S-Au, like the S-dobrado but just trying to lift those hips up further to come around like an au.

I hope you enjoy this combination, would love to hear any feedback you have about this combo, and keep a look out for more to come!

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  1. Pipoca Says:

    Wow! Very fluid!

  2. Soneca Says:

    Very nice combination and I can’t agree more on the importance of a good queda de rins.

  3. Psychic Advice Says:

    Great blog, subscribed to your rss feed. Thanks.

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