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BAHIA vs. RIO In 1982, Capoeira’s reputation between Bahia and Rio was at its peak. A master in Rio commissioned 20 of the best Capoeiristas of Rio to train relentlessly so that they could prove to Bahians that Capoeira from Rio, ‘Capoeira Carioca’ was better. They trained and went over to Salvador, going from club […] [...more]

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Capoeira in a church in Bahia

BEING A CAPOEIRISTA It was the night of the event. Tension was running high. The night bloomed with stars and the sky was filled with fluttering colourful flags and twinkling lights. It seemed like another day in the pelourinho, but it was not. Tonight began the week of events that were to come. Workshops with […] [...more]

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The Sabia

A Story from Mestre Orelha a couple of days ago I was having a conversation with a guy who is one of the graduated students of mestre bamba.  We were conversing about many things ranging from the politics of capoeira to famous capoeiristas.  One of the things that struck me in the conversation was a […] [...more]

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Batizado and Troca de cordas 2004 pt 2

The Batizado contd We all hesitate at first, not knowing exactly how to take it and then we all dive in, the beat of the berimbau buzzing at our feet.  We all begin to play as if we had fire at our feet, tearing around the roda, fighting our nerves trying to think trying to […] [...more]

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Preparing for the Batizado 2004

A Dream… about four or five years ago… I flew across these beautiful mountains, lush with vegatation and amazing rock formations, I flew this way and that, riding on the winds gentle wings, breathing the freshness of the air.  I slid above the river through well formed rock pools.  I followed its infinite sound in […] [...more]

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Batizado and Troca de cordas 2004 pt 1

The Red Cordao The world went wonky as I tried to stand up properly, face stinging the taste of blood filling my mouth.I awake to my alarm clock telling me impatiently it was time.  I laid in bed for a few minutes, wide awake, still as a lake on a full moon.  I knew that […] [...more]

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Capoeira in a Brazilian Forest

Everywhere I walk, beautiful butterflies to guide me.   Peace and energy glows from this place, sourrounded by mountains and beatiful vistas.  Birds chirp vigorously, crickets click rhythmically and the serenity of the wind cools troubled thoughts.   [...more]

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