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The music in capoeira is magical. I believe that through breathing one can not only absorb the air, but also the music that surrounds. The music becomes a part of you, it helps keep the heart beat in time, it pads your feet in every step, in every ginga…. [...more]

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Capoeira Drum Rhythms- Samba de Roda

This is a samba de roda rhythm. It is by no means the only one, but it is a basic one that will fit into the rhythm. It is usually played a lot faster. RIGHT LEFT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT LEFT MIDDLE EDGE EDGE EDGE MIDDLE EDGE EDGE MIDDLE […] [...more]

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Capoeira Drum Rhythms- Faster Contemporary

FASTER CONTEMPORARY DRUM BEAT This rhythm is sometimes used in Puxada de Rede, and also near the end of contemporary rodas when they start to speed things up. This is the basic beat, but if there is another drum the other will play variations which will make the rodas sound great! RIGHT LEFT RIGHT (hand) […] [...more]

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Capoeira Drum Rhythms- Maculele

MACULELE This is the basic maculele beat. It is usually played with many variations, more drums and a lot faster. But this is just an example so that you will be able to learn it. The hit of the sticks comes in on the first two beats (in the verbal annotation). VERBAL ANNOTATION: LEFT RIGHT […] [...more]

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Capoeira Drum Rhythms- Puxada De Rede

PUXADA DE REDE This is one of the drum rhythms that we use for our puxada de rede demonstrations. When the puxada gets a bit faster we usually use the fast contemporary drum rhythm (see the other drum sections). VERBAL ANNOTATION: DOUBLE RIGHT LEFT RIGHT DOUBLE DOUBLE RIGHT LEFT RIGHT DOUBLE DOUBLE EDGE MIDDLE EDGE […] [...more]

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Capoeira Drum Rhythms- Angola and Contemporary

CAPOEIRA DRUM RHYTHMS This is a simple drum rhythm that is used all over the world. The drum is not traditionally used in the traditional regional roda. It is used in mainly contemporary and angola rodas. ANNOTATION: RIGHT LEFT RIGHT RIGHT (HAND) EDGE EDGE MIDDLE EDGE (HIT ON DRUM) Remember not to go too loud […] [...more]

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